Services _


In a nutshell, we are prepared to resolve any issue our clinets can throw at us.  In our years of service i like to say we have seen it all, but in keeping with technology it seems like there is always something new.  We can function on several levels with our clients.  We can act anywhere from an occasional helpdesk all the way to a virtual CTO.  It just depends on your needs.  We shy away from retainers and contracts and focus on the relationship with our clients,

Managed Services _

Our managed services ensure that not only is your Antivirus and Windows up to date, but all of your other applications as well.  This cloud based solution eliminates the need for onsite servers.

Cloud Services_

We have been managing Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox and others since their inception for our clients.

Cloud Migrations _

Having migrated to and from all the major services in every direction imaginable, we can seamlessly migrate your assets to the cloud when you are ready to ditch onsite servers.

Server Maintenence _

We can maintain all your onsite servers. From backups, patches, upgrades and migrations, we've got it covered

Remote Assistance _

Sometime a fix is relativly simple.  We employ the latest in remote assistance to provide a quick and easy resolution without having to dispatch a technician.

Everything Else_

From moves, adds and changes to budgeting out for 5 years we can take care of it.  Give us a call for a free consultation.